What Are Fascia Boards And How Much Do They Cost?

Installing new fascia boards can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal while providing protection for your home’s inner roof. New fascia boards which are installed correctly and professionally will also add value to your home.

fascia boards installationWhen it comes to home upgrades, the costs involved are one of the main focus points to be aware of.

By comparing quotes on a professional fascia board installation, you can get a better idea of the type of work which will be required, costs involved, and the pricing trends in your local area.

What Are Fascia Boards?

A home’s facia boards are the long straight boards which run along the bottom edge of the roof. Fascia boards attach to the roof trusses and support the weight of the lower roof tiles. Fascia boards are also used to carry the weight of gutters and their mounting brackets. This is important especially during heavy rainfall. Fascia boards are generally made of wood or plastic. They waterproof the inside of the roof by providing a type of weather seal along with soffits.


What Affects The Cost of Fascia Board Installation?

Several factors will influence the installation costs of fascia boards, these include:

fascia board aluminium

material prices
removing the old roof materials
removal of waste materials
labour rates for installation
complexity and size of the installation
roof type
regional location
current pricing trends
Contractors are able to identify underlying issues which may cause problems, by increasing the installation time and cost of new fascia boards. It’s always wise to communicate directly with your contractor when receiving professional estimates and during the entire project. This will benefit you when staying within your budget.

It’s always wise to communicate directly with your contractor when receiving professional estimates and during the entire project. This will benefit you when staying within your budget.

How Much Do Fascia Boards Cost?

On a national level, most UK homeowners can spend £900 and up to as much as £1,600 on new fascia boards for an average 3 bedroom home. Keep in mind that the overall costs will increase for a two story or semi-detached home and may vary depending on any variety of factors. It would be wise to get in touch with experts in your local area for professional and accurate advice.

If you have any concerns or issues about your fascia boards installation, discuss them with your contractor in detail when receiving a quote before your installation begins. Always be aware of the costs involved in an estimate before committing to any work on your home. We recommend comparing multiple estimates from professionals in your area for the best rates and pricing trends on fascia board installation.

Fascia Boards Installation Cost Breakdown

Depending on the type of fascia board material, colour, brand, and design you choose, prices can vary between £3 – £85 per 5-meter length. Fascia boards are available in wood, Vinyl (uPVC), aluminium, and composite materials.

uPVC is a popular choice for fascia boards as it is a cost effective, low maintenance material and widely used to replace timber. Fascia boards made from uPVC are available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs.

Homeowners often find there are additional repairs needed in areas like soffits and gutters. It’s best not to get caught out by these unfortunately hidden costs.

If a contractor is replacing your fascia boards, it would be more cost effective for them to repair any other areas while on the job instead of skipping it and paying for extra labour and scaffold later on.

Consider the following breakdown of costs you can encounter:

fascia board modern home install

Labour – £200 – £250 per day average
Waste disposal – £45 – £80
Scaffold setup – £300
Soffit vents – £2 – £14 per pack
Soffit Boards – £4 – £70 per 5-meter length
Gutters – £5 – £45 per meter
Eaves felt – £13 – £45 per roll
Waste removal and disposal usually cost between £45 – £80 but can go higher depending on the type of materials, difficulty, and location. A contractor should remove and dispose of any materials before the installation commences.

It is always recommended that you compare estimates from multiple contractors for a better idea of the required work while receiving the best rate to suit your budget and installation of fascia boards.

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