How Much Does Upvc Cladding Cost?

UPVC cladding can offer many financial benefits to your home. The installation of cladding not only allows you to completely change your home’s appearance, it also considerably increases property value, insulates the home, and saves energy. There are many types of cladding materials available on the market, one of the best is uPVC. Knowing how much an installation of this sort can set you back and what to budget is the first step toward your home renovation.

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Average uPVC Cladding Cost to Install
There are a handful important factors to consider when it comes to installing uPVC cladding. Once you know what can influence the uPVC cladding cost of installation, you will be able to broker the best deal.

upvc cladding install bricksDifferent home’s sizes vary widely which will obviously affect your overall cost. On average, homeowners spend between £5,000 and £6,000 on a small single story 2 bedroom home.

These costs are also affected by the type of cladding you choose to install and its finish.

Consider the following installation breakdown:

Material costs: £10 – £25 per 5-meter length
Labour cost: £150 – £200 per day
Scaffold: £500
Additional equipment and materials: £600 – £800
Installing uPVC cladding is not always a straightforward and easy process, and may require the expertise of a professional for a durable cladding exterior and a masterful finish. Compare quotes from multiple professionals in your area before committing. In reality, a bad installation is the truest high cost.

Labor Cost
The total labour cost for this installation is between £500 – £600 as the installation will take 2 to 3 days to complete. Larger homes will take longer, increasing the cost labour.

If you decide to go the DIY route, which may seem like the best option, costly mistakes can dramatically increase the overall price of your cladding installation.

Additional Supplies and Equipment
uPVC cladding installation is not only installing horizontal sheets. Further materials are needed which could tally up additional costs.

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Consider the following:

finishing nailer
miter saw
electric jigsaw
installation materials
other equipment rental costs
Local Quotes on uPVC Cladding Cost
Looking to have uPVC cladding installed? Getting the job done at the right price is our top priority. We can help you connect with the best local professionals in your area for the lowest rates. This service is completely free and there is no obligation to sign any contracts or purchase.