How Much Do Upvc Fascia Boards Cost?

How Much Do Upvc Fascia Boards Cost?

uPVC fascia boards are composed of horizontal strips designed to cover the ends of rafters located under your home’s roofline. UPVC fascia boards protect your home from potential weather damages and the infiltration of moisture in your home.

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Moisture that enters your home can cause a wide variety of damages to the interior including mould and mildew growth, rot and deterioration of framing, and drywall damages. Generally, fascia installed to increase the curb appeal, enhance the aesthetics, and add overall value to your home.

How Much Do uPVC Fascia Boards Cost?

There are a variety of factors that will determine your final costs for uPVC fascia board installation. These factors can include everything from regional location and specific materials of the uPVC fascia boards you choose to the contractor you choose to install your new uPVC boards and the complexity of your unique installation project.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from £6 to £16 per linear foot for your uPVC fascia board. In order for you to get the best possible price for your installation, it’s important to get 3 or more estimates for your project before you commit to a contractor.

Additional Considerations

Ask for a detailed estimate with a breakdown of projected costs. Once you have acquired a number of estimates, compare the costs making sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Typically there will be additional costs added on top of the material and installation costs. This can include a multitude of items including removal of existing fascia boards, surface preparations for your new installation, sanding and painting of the new uPVC fascia boards, and disposal of project waste.

Compare estimates and ensure all stages of your uPVC fascia installation are included in your initial estimate. It’s also important to consider the quality of other surrounding components of your home. Replacing the soffits and gutter system during your fascia installation is an excellent idea if they require replacement as well.

There are plenty of options when it comes to uPVC fascia boards and the contractors who install them. It’s important to take your time and choose the right contractor for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential contractor for references, licensing, insurance and bonding, and a portfolio of previous work. This will help ensure you make the right choice for your budget and home.