How Much Do Soffit Ventilators Cost?

Soffit vents are an important addition to any home because they create a cooler attic in the summer which lowers your air conditioning costs. In winter they stop moisture and heat build up which can create mould, mildew and wood rot. In the long run, when properly installed, the benefits will far outweigh the soffit ventilators cost.

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What Is a Soffit Ventilator?

soffit ventilators cost designSoffit ventilators are a basic vent which is installed in a homes roofing soffits. It allows fresh air into the roof or attic while it expels hot and humid air.

Soffit vents are most effective when combined with roof and gable vents.

Types of Soffit Ventilators

There are two types of soffit ventilators available. Continuous soffit vents and individual soffit vents. Continuous soffit vents run the entire length of the soffit. They are long and narrow and are best suited for a narrow roof overhang, however, they can be fitted to any type of home soffits. Individual soffit ventilators are quicker to install and fit into cut outs made in the soffit joists.

How Much Do Soffit Vents Cost?

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Vents are available in a wide range of quality which will affect the installation and soffit ventilators cost. On average, for a basic installation of 6 vents, by a professional, under typical conditions, you could spend £242 – £357.

A breakdown of this cost will see £145 – £205 spent on materials. The labour cost of a professional soffit vent installation can cost £95 – £154.

While individual soffits ventilators costs can be between £2 – £3.50 per vent.

How Do I Know If My Home Needs Soffit Vents?

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Older homes often have no soffit ventilators installed, but most newer homes should have. Take a walk around your home, and look along the bottom of your roof eaves.

If you don’t see any vents or a regular sufficient number of vents you will, however, need to have them installed. They won’t do much good if there aren’t enough of them installed.