What Are Fascia Boards And How Much Do They Cost?

Installing new fascia boards can greatly improve your home’s curb appeal while providing protection for your home’s inner roof. New fascia boards which are installed correctly and professionally will also add value to your home.

fascia boards installationWhen it comes to home upgrades, the costs involved are one of the main focus points to be aware of.

By comparing quotes on a professional fascia board installation, you can get a better idea of the type of work which will be required, costs involved, and the pricing trends in your local area.

What Are Fascia Boards?

A home’s facia boards are the long straight boards which run along the bottom edge of the roof. Fascia boards attach to the roof trusses and support the weight of the lower roof tiles. Fascia boards are also used to carry the weight of gutters and their mounting brackets. This is important especially during heavy rainfall. Fascia boards are generally made of wood or plastic. They waterproof the inside of the roof by providing a type of weather seal along with soffits.


What Affects The Cost of Fascia Board Installation?

Several factors will influence the installation costs of fascia boards, these include:

fascia board aluminium

material prices
removing the old roof materials
removal of waste materials
labour rates for installation
complexity and size of the installation
roof type
regional location
current pricing trends
Contractors are able to identify underlying issues which may cause problems, by increasing the installation time and cost of new fascia boards. It’s always wise to communicate directly with your contractor when receiving professional estimates and during the entire project. This will benefit you when staying within your budget.

It’s always wise to communicate directly with your contractor when receiving professional estimates and during the entire project. This will benefit you when staying within your budget.

How Much Do Fascia Boards Cost?

On a national level, most UK homeowners can spend £900 and up to as much as £1,600 on new fascia boards for an average 3 bedroom home. Keep in mind that the overall costs will increase for a two story or semi-detached home and may vary depending on any variety of factors. It would be wise to get in touch with experts in your local area for professional and accurate advice.

If you have any concerns or issues about your fascia boards installation, discuss them with your contractor in detail when receiving a quote before your installation begins. Always be aware of the costs involved in an estimate before committing to any work on your home. We recommend comparing multiple estimates from professionals in your area for the best rates and pricing trends on fascia board installation.

Fascia Boards Installation Cost Breakdown

Depending on the type of fascia board material, colour, brand, and design you choose, prices can vary between £3 – £85 per 5-meter length. Fascia boards are available in wood, Vinyl (uPVC), aluminium, and composite materials.

uPVC is a popular choice for fascia boards as it is a cost effective, low maintenance material and widely used to replace timber. Fascia boards made from uPVC are available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs.

Homeowners often find there are additional repairs needed in areas like soffits and gutters. It’s best not to get caught out by these unfortunately hidden costs.

If a contractor is replacing your fascia boards, it would be more cost effective for them to repair any other areas while on the job instead of skipping it and paying for extra labour and scaffold later on.

Consider the following breakdown of costs you can encounter:

fascia board modern home install

Labour – £200 – £250 per day average
Waste disposal – £45 – £80
Scaffold setup – £300
Soffit vents – £2 – £14 per pack
Soffit Boards – £4 – £70 per 5-meter length
Gutters – £5 – £45 per meter
Eaves felt – £13 – £45 per roll
Waste removal and disposal usually cost between £45 – £80 but can go higher depending on the type of materials, difficulty, and location. A contractor should remove and dispose of any materials before the installation commences.

It is always recommended that you compare estimates from multiple contractors for a better idea of the required work while receiving the best rate to suit your budget and installation of fascia boards.

Free Fascia Board Installation Quote

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How Much Does Upvc Cladding Cost?

UPVC cladding can offer many financial benefits to your home. The installation of cladding not only allows you to completely change your home’s appearance, it also considerably increases property value, insulates the home, and saves energy. There are many types of cladding materials available on the market, one of the best is uPVC. Knowing how much an installation of this sort can set you back and what to budget is the first step toward your home renovation.

upvc cladding cost colours

Average uPVC Cladding Cost to Install
There are a handful important factors to consider when it comes to installing uPVC cladding. Once you know what can influence the uPVC cladding cost of installation, you will be able to broker the best deal.

upvc cladding install bricksDifferent home’s sizes vary widely which will obviously affect your overall cost. On average, homeowners spend between £5,000 and £6,000 on a small single story 2 bedroom home.

These costs are also affected by the type of cladding you choose to install and its finish.

Consider the following installation breakdown:

Material costs: £10 – £25 per 5-meter length
Labour cost: £150 – £200 per day
Scaffold: £500
Additional equipment and materials: £600 – £800
Installing uPVC cladding is not always a straightforward and easy process, and may require the expertise of a professional for a durable cladding exterior and a masterful finish. Compare quotes from multiple professionals in your area before committing. In reality, a bad installation is the truest high cost.

Labor Cost
The total labour cost for this installation is between £500 – £600 as the installation will take 2 to 3 days to complete. Larger homes will take longer, increasing the cost labour.

If you decide to go the DIY route, which may seem like the best option, costly mistakes can dramatically increase the overall price of your cladding installation.

Additional Supplies and Equipment
uPVC cladding installation is not only installing horizontal sheets. Further materials are needed which could tally up additional costs.

upvc cladding cost home

Consider the following:

finishing nailer
miter saw
electric jigsaw
installation materials
other equipment rental costs
Local Quotes on uPVC Cladding Cost
Looking to have uPVC cladding installed? Getting the job done at the right price is our top priority. We can help you connect with the best local professionals in your area for the lowest rates. This service is completely free and there is no obligation to sign any contracts or purchase.

How Much Does Pvc Cladding Cost?

Pvc cladding has gained popularity with homeowners in recent years due to its superior durability and versatility. Pvc cladding has the ability to completely transform the look of your home, and increase the monetary value. Available in a wide-ranging array of colours, styles, and designs, you are sure to find the perfect Pvc cladding solution to fit your personal taste and budget.

PVC cladding cost homes

Pvc Cladding Cost Breakdown

There are a wide variety of factors that will affect the final cost of installing Pvc cladding. These factors may include your regional location, the materials you select for installation, and the contractor you choose to perform the work.

In general, your estimated pvc cladding cost would average £1,500 – £2,000 per wall. This cost should include the removal of your existing cladding, disposal of project waste, and the installation of your selected Pvc cladding.

pvc cladding wood grainIt’s important to remember that you will need to add the cost of labour for your Pvc installation. On average, your tradesmen will charge an additional £150 – £200 per day to the budget. It should only take 2 – 3 days per wall for an average-sized, straightforward project to be completed.

Scaffolding is another cost that should be factored into your Pvc cladding installation budget. This should account for roughly 10% of your total cost, averaging around £150.

Other Considerations

pvc cladding cost home exterior greyIt’s important to work with a reliable, reputable contractor for your Pvc cladding installation. In some cases, some contractors will install sub-par materials that will begin to fail within a few years. Unfortunately, by the time this happens, this ‘contractor’ will be long gone with no way of tracking him down.

Be sure to do your research and choose a reputable company with licensed contractors that can follow through with their warranties should you ever experience a problem with your Pvc cladding.

Benefits of Pvc Cladding

pvc cladding cost home sidePvc cladding for your home offers a bevvy of benefits. With the proper maintenance, your cladding can last for decades. Pvc cladding enhances the look of your home adding to the kerb appeal as well as the overall value. If you ever decide to place your home on the market, you are more likely to sell quicker, and for a higher value.

Of course, Pvc cladding will protect your home from the elements day and night. This cladding offers a watertight seal for your home, so you won’t have to worry about moisture and water damage to the interior of your home.

Pvc cladding can also enhance and further improve the efficiency of your home’s insulation. This will give your family improved comfort and lower energy costs. Pvc cladding is relatively low maintenance, needing occasional cleaning with simple soap and water. This removes the need for time-consuming home maintenance chores, like painting every few years.

How Much Does Plastic Fascia Guttering Cost?

How Much Does Plastic Fascia Guttering Cost?

If you need the plastic fascia guttering of your home installed or replaced, there are plenty of considerations to take and questions to ask before you sign a contract. This home improvement project can add a bevvy of benefits both immediately and in the future.

plastic fascia guttering modern

What Should Plastic Fascia Guttering Cost You?
So just how much does plastic fascia guttering cost? It’s important to understand that there are a variety of factors that are integrated into your final cost, so giving a specific number may be difficult. Installation costs can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including regional location, current pricing trends, and specific choices in materials and contractors.

Here’s a general cost breakdown for plastic fascia guttering. On average. Most homeowners you will typically need 38 – 60 meters of plastic fascia guttering. In addition, contractors usually recommend downspout installed for every 10 meters of guttering.

Additional costs will include the number of corners, hangers, and couplers needed to complete your installation project. The following example of costs is for a typical home that requires 43 meters of guttering professionally installed.

How Much Do Upvc Fascia Boards Cost?

How Much Do Upvc Fascia Boards Cost?

uPVC fascia boards are composed of horizontal strips designed to cover the ends of rafters located under your home’s roofline. UPVC fascia boards protect your home from potential weather damages and the infiltration of moisture in your home.

upvc fascia board

Moisture that enters your home can cause a wide variety of damages to the interior including mould and mildew growth, rot and deterioration of framing, and drywall damages. Generally, fascia installed to increase the curb appeal, enhance the aesthetics, and add overall value to your home.

How Much Do uPVC Fascia Boards Cost?

There are a variety of factors that will determine your final costs for uPVC fascia board installation. These factors can include everything from regional location and specific materials of the uPVC fascia boards you choose to the contractor you choose to install your new uPVC boards and the complexity of your unique installation project.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from £6 to £16 per linear foot for your uPVC fascia board. In order for you to get the best possible price for your installation, it’s important to get 3 or more estimates for your project before you commit to a contractor.

Additional Considerations

Ask for a detailed estimate with a breakdown of projected costs. Once you have acquired a number of estimates, compare the costs making sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Typically there will be additional costs added on top of the material and installation costs. This can include a multitude of items including removal of existing fascia boards, surface preparations for your new installation, sanding and painting of the new uPVC fascia boards, and disposal of project waste.

Compare estimates and ensure all stages of your uPVC fascia installation are included in your initial estimate. It’s also important to consider the quality of other surrounding components of your home. Replacing the soffits and gutter system during your fascia installation is an excellent idea if they require replacement as well.

There are plenty of options when it comes to uPVC fascia boards and the contractors who install them. It’s important to take your time and choose the right contractor for your specific needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential contractor for references, licensing, insurance and bonding, and a portfolio of previous work. This will help ensure you make the right choice for your budget and home.

How Much Do Soffit Ventilators Cost?

Soffit vents are an important addition to any home because they create a cooler attic in the summer which lowers your air conditioning costs. In winter they stop moisture and heat build up which can create mould, mildew and wood rot. In the long run, when properly installed, the benefits will far outweigh the soffit ventilators cost.

soffit ventilators cost white header

What Is a Soffit Ventilator?

soffit ventilators cost designSoffit ventilators are a basic vent which is installed in a homes roofing soffits. It allows fresh air into the roof or attic while it expels hot and humid air.

Soffit vents are most effective when combined with roof and gable vents.

Types of Soffit Ventilators

There are two types of soffit ventilators available. Continuous soffit vents and individual soffit vents. Continuous soffit vents run the entire length of the soffit. They are long and narrow and are best suited for a narrow roof overhang, however, they can be fitted to any type of home soffits. Individual soffit ventilators are quicker to install and fit into cut outs made in the soffit joists.

How Much Do Soffit Vents Cost?

soffit ventilators cost wood

Vents are available in a wide range of quality which will affect the installation and soffit ventilators cost. On average, for a basic installation of 6 vents, by a professional, under typical conditions, you could spend £242 – £357.

A breakdown of this cost will see £145 – £205 spent on materials. The labour cost of a professional soffit vent installation can cost £95 – £154.

While individual soffits ventilators costs can be between £2 – £3.50 per vent.

How Do I Know If My Home Needs Soffit Vents?

soffit ventilators cost continuous

Older homes often have no soffit ventilators installed, but most newer homes should have. Take a walk around your home, and look along the bottom of your roof eaves.

If you don’t see any vents or a regular sufficient number of vents you will, however, need to have them installed. They won’t do much good if there aren’t enough of them installed.

Bargeboard, Fascia and Soffit, Which And How Much Do They Cost?

Are you considering replacing your roofline fascia, soffits, and bargeboards?

How much would a professional installation like this cost?

The soffits, bargeboard and fascia are all located along the edge of your homes roof line. It is designed to support roof tiles, guttering, and overall, provide insulation from the elements. These boards were primarily created from wood, but over several years PVC plastic boards have become the preferred option as they do not rot like wood and require a lot less maintenance.

Best Materials for Bargeboard, Fascia, and Soffit

When replacing bargeboards, fascias, and soffits, one of the best material options is uPVC. Installation of uPVC boards can save a tremendous amount of yearly maintenance while looking great. No need t repaint, simply wiping down the boards with a damp cloth will bring their shine to life. uPVC bargeboard, fascia, and soffit are available with wood grain effects such as mahogany and rosewood. There are also multiple colours to choose from although plain white is the cheapest option.

Installation Details

Here is a breakdown of what this type of installation will require. We will discuss the various costs involved further below.

Scaffold access to reach the roofline height
Removal of old fascias, soffits, bargeboard, and gutters
Remove and replace any damaged or rotten roof rafters
Install new bargeboard, soffits, and fascia
Install gutters and rain pipes
Replace felt and vents to eaves
Waste disposal

Bargeboard, Fascia, Soffit Cost Breakdown

On a national average, this job could cost anywhere between £1,100 and £4,500 depending on the materials chosen, quality, as well as the type and size of the home. Working out the costs of materials and labour for an average 25-meter roof line surrounding a semi-detached home can cost in the region of the following:

Fascia, soffits, and bargeboard: £300
Additional parts and joining materials: £40
Labour cost per day: £230
Waste disposal: £80
Vents and eaves felt: £35
Gutters and waterpipes: £95
Running costs for project: £740

Generally, professional contractors will have their own scaffold. This will be needed to access higher roof lines in order to complete the installation. In some rare instances where there may be an inaccessible area, an independent scaffold company may be called in for specialised equipment. The scaffold can cost between £300 and £800. On rare occasions, it can cost more than £1,000.

Removal of Old boards and Gutters

It is always recommended that you have the old fascia, soffits, and bargeboards removed instead of installing cladding over them. However, in certain situations, this is acceptable such as when the existing boards are still in good condition.

Replace Rotten Wood

Rafters are an integral part of the roofing structure as it provides the roofs main support. The bottom or lower ends of the rafters are exposed to the elements which cause mould and wood rot. These areas need to be cut off, removed and replaced. Generally, when soffit boards and fascia show signs of wood rot, it is quite likely it has spread to the rafters. Any sort of wood rot or mould should be taken care of immediately.

Fitting the boards

Bargeboards, fascias, and soffits are usually fastened with nails which won’t rust or degrade. Most timber and PVC boards are available in 5-meter lengths. These are covered in a weather strip which allows, overall, for thermal expansion and contraction.


Gutter pipes should always be installed at a slight angle to improve rainwater flow into pipe outlets and vertical pipes. The spacing of brackets is important. If they are too far apart you could end up with sagging gutters caused by the weight of heavy rainfall. Joins and outlets should be fastened with screws to prevent movement during those hot and cold days.

Eaves Felt and Soffit Vents

There are several different types of vents to choose from, all in all helping to prevent condensation in the ceiling. Eaves felt is almost always degraded as it is exposed along the roof’s edge. It would be a good idea to replace this at the same time. Eaves felt helps improve water drainage and should always overlap into the guttering.

Disposal of Waste

This type of roofing installation will often have a lot of waste which contractors will need to do dispose of. Usually, it will take one trip or a skip my need to be hired.

Gutter Guards and Filters

Leaf guards and filters stop leaves and debris from blocking up gutters and downpipes. It is an optional extra homeowners should consider if the property has large overhanging trees. The added weight of leaf debris can damage your gutters and it can become a breeding ground for insects and pests.