What Are Soffit Boards And How Much Do They Cost?

soffit boards woodInstalling fresh soffit boards is one of the smartest investments you can make as a modern homeowner. Soffits add value to any home, provided they have been professionally and correctly installed.

As with any home improvement project, it’s always best to focus on the costs at hand.

By comparing quotes from specialists in your area before you go ahead, you can get a better idea of any work that needs to be done as well as current pricing trends in your region.

What Are Soffit Boards?

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Soffit boards are the extended underside of the fascia boards. They are used to fill the gap between the home wall exterior and the roof fascia. Soffits are used to protect the inner roofline from decay, condensation, dampness, and leaks.

Soffit boards are often combined with soffit vents to promote air flow throughout the inner roof.

It is important to inspect the condition of your home’s soffits as they are continuously exposed to the weather and can take damage from rain, wind, snow, or hail conditions.

What Affects The Cost of Installing Soffit Boards

Several factors will influence the cost of installing soffit boards, such as:

  • the price of materialssoffit boards material wood
  • removal of existing roof materials
  • removal of any waste material
  • labour needed for installation
  • size and complexity of the project
  • roof type
  • regional location
  • current pricing trends

When you receive a professional estimate, a contractor can identify any underlying issues with the soffit boards installation which could add to your overall cost. Be sure to keep clear and direct communication with your contractor during the entire project. This will help you remain within your budget.

How Much Do Soffit Boards Cost?

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You can expect your soffit installation cost to range anywhere from £1,000 up to as much as £1,750 for an average 3 bedroom home. Two-story and semi-detached homes will increase the overall cost.

National averages indicate, however, that most UK homeowners spend around £1,250 on their soffit boards installation. Your actual cost can vary depending on a variety of factors, so it’s important to get in touch with local experts to compare estimates and get some professional advice.

It is important to discuss in detail with your contractor any issues or concerns you may have before your soffit board installation begins. You should have a clear understanding of what costs are included in a contractor’s estimate before you commit.

Soffit Boards Installation Cost Breakdown

soffit boards home exteriorWhen it comes down to the basics, the cost of soffit boards should be in the region of between £4 – £70 per 5-meter length depending on the board thickness, patterns, colours, wood trim, and if it is hollow or not.

A more economical option is a synthetic uPVC soffit board. These do not rot like wood and are available in many colours and patterns.

Many times, homeowners are caught by surprise with additional repair costs when installing or replacing their soffit boards. During your installation, it is important to consider the surrounding areas of your roof that may need repair. These areas can include:

  • Soffit vents: £2 – £14 per pack
  • Fascia boards: £3 – £85 per length
  • Gutters: £5 – £45 per meter
  • Eaves felt: £13 – £45 per roll
  • Labour: £200 – £250 per day average
  • Waste disposal: £45 – £80
  • Scaffolding: £300 – £400

Removing and disposing of the old materials usually costs £45 – £80, but can go higher depending on the type of materials, difficulty of removal, and your location. Your roof could also have some wood rot or damage. A contractor is required to remove and dispose of any materials before installation commences.

We recommend comparing estimates from multiple contractors so you can get a better idea of the work that needs to be done as well as choose the best rate and contractor to suit your soffit board installation needs.

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