How Much Do Upvc Soffit Boards Cost?

uPVC soffit boards are one of the best options thanks to their inherent resistance to moisture and the fact that they require next to no maintenance to keep them looking good for years.

Even though all homeowners are keen on keeping their fascias neat and decent, very few people pay attention to the soffits that cover the lower side of the fascia on the exterior wall of a house. Soffits are normally perforated to improve ventilation without compromising their ability to protect the house from moisture and subsequent weather damage.

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If your house doesn’t have soffits, or it has old and dilapidated soffits, it is time to replace them before they let mildew, dampness and water damage your roofing structure.

How Much do uPVC Soffit Boards Cost

The costs will vary depending on the quality and finish on the boards. Expect to spend an average of £10 per section and as little as £3 per section on the cheapest soffit boards. High-end boards could cost as much as £16 per section.

The top characteristics that will affect the cost of your uPVC soffit boards include:

  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Style
  • Color

Soffit boards are available in up to 5-meter long sections. It is up to your installing contractor to chop up the boards and fit them under your eaves while wasting as little material as possible.

Matching Your Soffit Boards to the Décor

uPVC is a highly versatile material and manufacturers have a wide range of options when creating the ultimate soffit board. This makes it easy to find the boards that would easily fit into your décor.

You can get soffit boards that mimic wood patterns, brushed metal or just a plain white surface. Thicker and beaded structured soffits give a better soffit board that will withstand harsh climates even better.

Ensure that the Soffits are Well Vented

Since the main role of your soffit boards is to let moist air escape from the roof and your eaves, it is wise to ensure that you choose soffit boards that have some form of venting structure. Most manufacturers will take this into account while in other cases it is up to the installer to create gaps within the boards.

Some of the soffit boards might have visible vent holes while others will have them disguised in one way or another to keep the appearance as solid as possible.

Finding out what you want about your boards and how you want to fit them into your eaves is a great way to choosing the right boards. If possible, let your contractor first look at your roof before recommending what type of soffit boards you should buy. Having some professional help in choosing ensures that you don’t invest in the right boards or perhaps end up buying more material than you need.

Ask Your Contractor What Else You Need

In addition to just buying the boards, you might have to purchase additional fittings and fixtures needed to fit the boards into your eaves. Good contractors could include such into their budget hence saving you the trouble of having to shop around for materials whose meaning you might not know. An all round quote from multiple contractors will give you the background information you need to make the right decisions for the projects.